Uninstall McAfee Security from Your Computer

Windows operating system is one of the widely used OS today. It offers users different features and an entire ramped up experience. However, the OS comes with a handful of pre-loaded applications. While some of them are useful, a handful is just trialware. Among them is McAfee antivirus. Have you ever tried to install an antivirus to your Pc and you get incompatibility errors? It is awful right! While some people use the freeware software, others would want to uninstall McAfee from their Pc.

McAfee is owned by Intel; therefore, most OEM machines operate using Intel chip. Hence, most of them have McAfee installed. Although the antivirus is excellent on malware removal, at times, it can be a nuisance. So, what are some of the methods you can follow to uninstall McAfee from your system?

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Note: Before you uninstall McAfee antivirus from your computer, ensure you have another security measure to keep you safe from online threats.

  1. Use Windows Uninstall to Uninstall McAfee.

Probably this is the easiest and method to use. For you to uninstall McAfee using this procedure, do the following:

  • Close any of the McAfee related products running on your machine.
  • From windows start button, select “search.” Type “Programs and Features” and click Ok.
  • In the search results, double-click programs and features.
  • Select McAfee anti-virus and then click uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to uninstall McAfee from your Pc.

The above process at times is unsuccessful. Even if it succeeds, it leaves a lot of junk files and registry behind. Thus, you need to use McAfee consumer products removal tool (MCPR) to do away with the product completely.

  1. Use MCPR to Uninstall McAfee

Follow the procedure below to get McAfee removal tool.

  • Head to McAfee site and download McAfee removal tool.
  • Run the .exe file by double-clicking on MPCPR.exe.
  • When prompted by user account dialog box, click yes.
  • Read carefully licensing agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA security text as it appears on the screen, then allow the program to execute.

McAfee removal tool will run a background check. And detect any of McAfee related products installed on your computer and remove it.

The process takes a couple of minutes. During this time, the program will display restart prompts, and this is to ensure that the product is deleted and the residual registry files are all cleared out. If the above methods don’t work out for you, link up with McAfee support team to find out more.

Remember: As a rule of thumb, always keep your data backed up for any eventuality.